About Oceancat.com & Monique


Hello. I am Monique, the creator of Oceancat.com, a friendly, eclectic, website that was created long ago, in a galaxy far away. Why did I name it OceanCat? I like the ocean and I like cats. I combined the two words together into a compound word. The name is as simple as that.

About Monique: I have a lot of interests and enjoy researching new topics. I have more than 20 years of experience as a website designer/developer. Despite what you may see in this old-school OceanCat website I have familiarity with some newer technologies. I'm currently working as a technology coordinator in an undisclosed location.

I love exploring on Google Maps and occasionally visiting new places in person. Medical technologies are fascinating and I am interested in good health.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to contact me.

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