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Below are writings about the ocean. This is a place for people to connect with each other, by sharing their adventures, ideas, and poetry about the sea. You can send your submissions to me for this page, and I'll review them for publishing. Also, see beautiful pictures of the ocean >>


I still love the ocean even though I live in a desert. I'm thankful God created oceans and that I get to visit them, sometimes.



The ocean is a beautiful sight that no one can't stop looking at it. The creatures living in the ocean or by the ocean come up and tickle your toes. Turtles, crabs, and lots more keep you company by the sea's shore. some people come to the ocean to fish but it is actually a place to relax and swim.



Someday i am so gunna live at the ocean! I LOVE THE OCEAN!!!!!



I live in a boat on top the ocean and I'm the king of the United States.



In unrequited love I turn again to the ocean.
My first and truest love the sea.
So, I go out on the sea alone
My one true love the sea
He'll marry me
He'll marry me and if I'm dround He'll bury me!
In any case, a remedy.
My broken pearl of pride
Laid open to the salt and tide
Its rythm like my ryme
for who can feel this ebb of life
or tell the cry of gulls from mine.

--Julia Burton


The ocean is a beatiful landscapre of water that brings lovely thoughts to mind and creative beings and fantasies. The ocean creates a peace of mind with the waves and the warm wind always there to tickle your face and remind you that you are in a place where beauty is its only treasure.



I live at the sea, on an island three.... and i can hardly believe my good fortune, the lighthouse on the cliff, blinks in the fog, watching and waiting for a distress to answer. remembering the broken and shattered ships too blind to find her small light, ... turning around and around as the waves churn and crash. the fog horn softly calls out. the little pipers race to and fro, in and out, and down the sand.

--LES oceans lady


The ocean is like a peaceful dream you can escape to and have no worries!!! when you go surfing you feel like one with the ocean, you have no worries and no cares in the world all you want to do is be one with the waves!!!!!!!



She scampers along the edge, chasing the water as it retreats, and touches it with her fingers. As soon as the flow turns, she runs away, quickly. Eventually, the forces of nature win this game of tag, making their mark in wet pant legs. The best part of the game is her smile.



we love that song!
we live right next to the ocean!!!
have you heard that song by mae?
you come over unannounced...silence...broken by your voice in the dark! i need you here tonight just like the ocean needs the waves!

--chuck and jo


Why is there so much salt in the ocean, and how did it get there? Do you know?



The Pacific is the largest ocean in the world.



I think the ocean is like a giant water bowl.



Oh how great! Wish I was there! NOT! The beaches are littered with garbage because no one cares anymore.



The ocean holds a lot of secrets and memories of love.

--green eyes


The Ocean is simply amazing, if you were in the middle of the pacific you would be so isolated. my dream is to live on an island in the middle of the Ocean. The Ocean has the most calming effect.

--Martin Store


It's an awesome experience to be out far in the ocean without seeing land for days on end, crossing the brow to the soil of another new friend.



In darkness waves case the shore like souls marching in from her graveyard, the sun brings boogie boards and sand castles, beacon light in the mist, baking feet in the sand.



I've been to the ocean a couple of times but nevertheless it never fails to amaze me and take my breath away.

--Bam Lover


I've never been to the ocean... but my heart aches to see, and even touch something that touches the entire world, and continuously moves in such rhythmic states.... Someday i will look out into the abyss and shed many tears of joy. Only one sense is pleased by seeing it on TV. The sense of SIGHT. I cannot wait to use them all.



I think that the ocean is a wonderful place to be. In fact, it's the best place to be other than home!



I think oceans are sooooo cool because there are fish in the ocean and fish are soooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia Pelletiere
age 8 in a half
birthday:January 27 1995


I've never been 2 the ocean.



mmmmmm, I love the smell of the ocean. I used to live in mass right near the ocean,god I miss it...

--Jesse James


gurgle gurgle gurgle... WHOOSH! Splat!

--Shaded silver


oh ............the beach isn't that great! everyone should stop trying to make more out of it than it really is!!!!!! geese!



I love the ocean. There is always hot, tan guys there. And it always smells good there. Ya know like salt water.



staring blanking across a wide plain of endless water. underneath what lies? Below the stinging cold sea, what sort of deranged creature could crawl out when I least expected it? where had the sun gone why was the moon constantly behind me? what world had I entered, wet sand gentle breeze, England lay straight ahead? how does all this water stay on the world without spilling out like a cup of ice water on a summer day while playing with the chipmunk and snorting crank out of grandpas eye glass. Who knows, maybe that's why they say that when a lost soul stares at the ocean their mind becomes erased and turned to nothing schizophrenic tendencies are cooled by the violent roars that are emitted from the horrid mess of salt water, thank you grandpa for filling me with confidence and damn you ocean for forgetting me and my thoughts.

--repressed confusion


I've been to the ocean before. All the smooth sand and sharp glass massages my feet. The gulls above with all the noise and the gulls on the beach stuck in 6-pack rings. The polluted air over the horizon. the exploding waves that crash your skull against the hard cold rocks at the bottom of the ocean. the bottles and hazardous medical equipment that washes up on the sand, and the sun burning you to a crisp. I love the beach. It's just a cool place to be.



The Ocean is a beautiful sight. I like to go boogie boarding when I go to the ocean.

--Alisa Christopherson


The ocean is like a large slab of CHEESE. When I sit on the shore, and smell the scent of dead fish, I think of cheese and food. I like to sit on my roof and stare at the ficus trees.

--Ficus Tree


the ocean.... completes me. the sand, a part of my soul. the water, a continuance of my body. the sun overhead, shines brightly on the world created for me. i am the ocean..... the ocean is me. she is my wife and mother. and for now.... i am at peace.

--Jordan Hager


The ocean, in a word ,is Awesome! Its a mysterious and beautiful creation of God! You certainly do realize what a small part of the world you really are, but so thankful that you are able to share in the beauty of it all.

--Mary H.


To me, the ocean is like a giant, shining mirror, or a melted crystal.



I like the ocean its so pretty at dawn And i love finding shells



Hi. I just want to say you should seriously try to get the message out to people to not litter, because I went to the beach the other day and it was full of trash. You couldn't get a decent swim! That's not what I care about though. Our earth can be DESTROYED!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!



the ocean is were you fall in love. it just seems to make every thing better (for a little while anyway).



i think the ocean smells funny.



The ocean is a place to relax and splash around in the water. I live about 1,500 miles from a beach each way (I live in Missouri). I only get to go to the ocean when I go to Florida. I miss it so much. I love it's soft sand and it's beautiful shells. I wish I could be there forever!



The ocean is really cold where I live. Probably below freezing. I don't go there much the salty water dries out my skin and hair.



The ocean is an enormous book of memories. Memories of kids swimming in there for the first time. Of young teens getting their first kiss while the moon glistens over the crashing waters. Theocean is an everlasting book of memories.



hi, i love the ocean. i live in fl and are ocean is soooooo clean.



Hi there. I just got done playing around with your mad libs, they were funny with the things that I put. I think that you should make more and if you do send them to me or let me know.

Thanx for making me laugh,
--Kelly Ramirez


I hate the ocean. I've never been to the ocean w/o getting stung by a jellyfish.



The ocean is something I have been to many times. Nevertheless, every time I go, there is always something different about it. My favorite thing to do is to watch the sunset over the ocean!



The sand is warm beneath my feet, refreshing and massaging my feet with every step I take. I breathe in the deep, young air. I can smell fish from the nearby warf. The wind blows through my hair causing tangles but seems to clean it out in a way. I look out across the horizon and see endless waters. Every wave I see is different. I hear seagulls above and the crash of the waves against the shore and the sweet voices of small children. I lick my lips, they taste unfamiliar and original, like no other taste in the world. I dip my toes in the water, it is cold and gives me chills from head to toe, but slowly I wade myself into the water and walk across the ocean...



A celestial gateway between you and the sand. You're standing on my gesture as if it meant nothing. Serenity obliged by sprinkles and crashes in stereo, but that's ok its just the ocean, or not.



when I went to the beach the water was so cold and I got an ear ach.



The ocean is a warm relaxing gift. I visit it every summer and cherish the joy it brings to me. Its fresh and cool beneath my feet and offers a home to other sea creatures around us. I admire the empty shells that are left behind by hungry birds, and wonder what animal lived there once. The refreshing mist that hits your face as you lie restless against the waves. I dream of just to hear those sounds over and over again, that you only know as the ocean.



Though I never seem to get over there I love to hear the roar of the waves, It reminds me of the power of the ALMIGHTY GOD and HIS voice HIS voice which thunders , yes the GOD of glory thunders!!! HIS voice is majestic!!! Yes the roar of the waves is almost a manifestation of HIS mighty presence!!!! Our GOD is an awesome GOD and the ocean tells only a fraction of that !!!!



The ocean is calm, yet mysterious, and when the salty breeze hits my face, I am relieved. If I can only become one with the waves I would finally be complete, but until then, I sit here and listen to the ocean breeze tell me the secrets on which I can never live out in my live, but only in my dreams. So, as the ocean moves away I am saddened, but I remember that it will always return and comfort me. --Dedicated To Caroline



I love the ocean, I love walking hand in hand with my boyfriend on a midnight stroll on the beach, it's so romantic!!

--Mary beth


I really love the ocean, I used to go there every summer and play when I was little. Now I don't and I really miss it. I wish I could go back and see it again.



The ocean is like love, because sometimes it's rough and sometimes it's smooth, and you might have to swim a little bit harder and work a little bit more.

--Always Kim


There it is so blue and white.
yet so black as black as night.
so when I stand upon the dock.
I can read the sun just like a clock.



The Ocean: A Good Place To Scuba Dive



I think the ocean is god whispering sweet nothings in your ear. this is his connection to his creations. here is a poem:

     I love the ocean
     I love the sea
     I'd give an abandoned knee
     I see god, looking down on me
     where is my beish where is the feesh

amen. peace love equality iiiiiiiiiiiiiii love u alllllll!!!!!

--laver marcalotta


In geometry we found out how to find how far you can see to the horizon of the ocean. Pertty cool.



Some of my friends have been digested in the insatiable belly of an ocean that foams at the mouth like a Maytag washing machine.



Standing on the edge of the Ocean, is a good place to measure yourself against the vastness of the universe



When different people picture the ocean, different pictures come to mind. When I picture the ocean, I see almost heaven before my eyes. It is a place only I can be alone with my thoughts. People have their own special places, but being like at the edge of the world is where mine is.



Dave-(Dayv)noun. Idiot.

The oceans heaviness eludes words.

--Mark the former Surfer


I live and work on the central California coastline, and spent my formative years living on the Oregon coast. I will ALWAYS have to live near the ocean. The power of nature personified is in the surge of the surf against rocky shores. One can spend some contemplative time walking on the beach on a cold day, or sitting in a pull-out next to someplace where the ocean smashes against the rocks and the spray dashes up to dampen your skin. At night, the swooshing sound, coupled with a mournful sea-lion bark, is something that I love to hear.




When a blanket of intensity
Covers an infinite of abyss
Creates a global singularity
Entirely embellished with this

The bitter tears of an oceanic cry
From the elemental agitated waters
Penetrates an abyssal design
Into a floundering deep of vapors

Like a shriek of a siren's melodic resound
Her prelude of deceivement to allure
Is the rapier of light's percussion pound
The ascending turbulent weather

As the aqueous tension subsides
The oceanic sign of surrender
Creating an infinity of designs
The dynamic big blue meteor

The full moon of days gone by
Like the expiring rays of splendor
Reflecting the serenity from the sky
The shimmering sea of glitter

--"Poetic Wop", Steve Segarini


Someone is standing there, at the edge of the world, where blue and silver meet each other endlessly.

Someone is dancing there, where the glistening sun smiles brightly in the myst, and wind blows breathlessly.

--Monique Andrews

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